Gary Ian Munro


Born in Montreal in 1949; grew up in Greenfield Park; graduated from Sir George Williams University in Mechanical Engineering (with distinction). Now resides in Beaconsfield and is retired from engineering.

Gary first studied with Evelyn Strougal (B.F.A.) in oil painting and later on moved to watercolour.

In his first exhibit at Kirkland Library 2006, he met Peter Law, a professional artist and has been studying with him in painting with watercolor.

Gary considers himself as a realistic watercolor painter, who does not conform to the traditional watercolor painting distinguished by its broad washes and soft effects.

Gary gets his inspiration from architecture, history, the everyday and the novel moments of life.


Lakeshore Artists Association

Beaconsfield Artists Association

2013 Exhibits:

Art Rush:                                            Centennial Hall, Beaconsfield           April 2013

Memories (Solo Exhibit)                   Kirkland Library, Kirkland     September 2013

Art Rental Exhibit                              Stewart Hall, Pointe Claire      Oct. –Dec. 2013