Although I have been painting my whole life, my ambitions have always been focused on the “materials and methods” of the artist…. the marks imposed by drawing with charcoal, pencil, silverpoint or inks to painting using oils, acrylic, egg tempera, fresco secho, encaustic, glazing, watercolors to printmaking…lithography, intaglio and mono-print, to the more modern-day process of digital print processing. I have always been interested in combining as many methodologies as required.

The notion of “memory” and “metamorphosis” has played an integral part in my life, not solely in my artwork, but my personal life as well. I feel it is very important and, particularly enjoy, drawing upon the collaboration and integrity of fellow artists as well as family history as sources of inspiration.

Another concern in my work continues to deal with contemporary social issues relating to changes in society and protection of the environment. I am also particularly interested in the exploration of the figure in the context of societal issues and, of course, the graceful simplicity of nature.

Maureen Cunningham, B.F.A.-Studio, 2005

Untitled Collage 2
Oriental Paper Technique, 8 x 8