Teri Covin


1983 BFA       Bachelor in Fine Arts,  Concordia University   < major: art education>.


Artistic path:             

The subjects I choose to paint are usually from my photographs. I have some of flowers,  lake Montmorency, St-Hippolyte, trees, animals, birds.  My paintings are also inspired by my childhood, my roots. I painted the house where I was born which I only saw in 2007. I paint my family, my friends. I paint what motivates me. I like patterns, fabrics, the fountain in Ste-Dorothee, the textures and colour in nature, the light. When I paint flowers or fruits it prolongs their beauty as flowers die, fruits are eaten, so by painting that ripe flower or fruit I get to keep the colour and freshness. My painting of a pomegranate is the symbol for the many mitzvahs. At times I have painted specific subjects for customers such as sky with sun coming through clouds, a Cuban lady wearing a shawl. Matt Haimovitz, an Israeli-born cellist, who teaches at McGill, was painted as an approach to painting faces, an exercise given to me by Miriam Cohen. 


2013 -              Carrefour des aînés de Pierrefonds  <painting>

2013 -              YIS.  <painting>

                        L'écoles des beaux arts

                        My work has benefited via peer input and discussion. I have always enjoyed

                        these exchanges of opinions. These painting sessions have opened up many

                        possibilities as they help all of us to develop new methods and techniques.

2011 - 2014     Creative Social Center, teacher: Miriam Cohen



Ÿ  Galerie Sinfonia di Colori   June, July and August 2014

Ÿ  Carrefour des aînés de Pierrefonds  May 2014, Nov 2013 we had live music. I was one the artists who donated a painting these were drawn randomly during the exhibition.

Ÿ  Galerie Quarts du 15 au 22 décembre,2012

Ÿ  Creative social center  September, 2012

Ÿ  <my work sold as part of their fundraising>

Ÿ  "Sablon Vert d'Art", Chomedey July  2011

Ÿ  Westmount Library

Ÿ  Town of Mount Royal Library

Ÿ  La boutique KA.T , Ste-Dorothée has displayed my work.


Memberships             " Chomedey Chapter - Act to end violence  against women.

                                    Red hat Ladies group:    Classy Lassies of Chomedey

E-mail:            tcovin@hotmail.com